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hippo campus marathon!🎉


On this very last day of my thanksgiving break, I’d like to share one of the highlights of this ‘weekend’. I’ve shared this already with my friends and family, and if you happen to be one of them who are reading this right now, because most likely you are, you’re going to hear the same thing again, no surprises 😀

It all started late October/early November, when I saw a tweet about a private performance that was happening at Electric Fetus in a few weeks time. I wasn’t aware of that event until I saw that tweet. It was only limited to 300 people and to enter the event you’d have to preorder the Bambi vinyl. There were only around 30 left.

I hesitated at first. I don’t even have a vinyl player so would it be worth buying a vinyl just to see them live? I even asked my mum whether or not to go for it. Eventually, I did! Reason/s? It wasn’t that expensive (it was ~$20) compared to their VIP tickets (~$90). Even though I wouldn’t get additional merch like the ones in VIP, I’d still get to see them face-to-face and get a photo and signatures of them. I got the pass for the event a week later, it was numbered and I was the 299th! Close call!

The day of the even finally came. I had a very tiring week, literally slept at 5 am that Wednesday morning and then had classes, a group meeting and had to buy some groceries before getting home at around 5 pm.

It was time to head off to the event! There was a looooong line before entering the venue. We got inside around 7 pm and around 10 minutes later, hippo campus came out! It was the first time for me seeing them up front and this close, I got so excited! I had a good view of the stage too. People let me be at the front because of my short stature 🤓. They played around five or six songs (if you’d like to see it’s labeled ** below), then we had to line up for the signing.

I simply lined up but at the very moment before my turn for the signing, my insides freaked out! I got so nervous. How do I react to them? What should I say? lol. I approached them and they signed my vinyl and it all happened soooo fast. I only remember Zach asking “How are you?”, Jake saying “Thanks for coming”, we took a picture and I left. Yikes! They’re actually so nice… I guess I was too anxious (*wink wink* bambi pun intended). Anyways, it was a good experience! I reached home and still wasn’t over it. Here are some photos…

Moving on to Saturday, hippo campus’ final show of 2018 at Palace Theater, St. Paul. I don’t know if I’m going to say this for every single show I’m going to but this show was the BEST one yet! The best part was listening to the crowd singing along. If I was a singer, seeing people singing to the lyrics of your song is definitely something to be proud of and I’m sure they are too. Oh, and at some point during the show, Nathan grabbed the mic seemingly to say something but he actually didn’t know what to say hahaha (it’s around minute 36:28 in the live stream). I thought that was funny. Again, here are some photos, videos (**in this link) and a live stream (thankfully!) of the show for me to rewatch 🌚.

*sighs* I may be exaggerating because I still haven’t moved on but this was honestly one of the best moments in my life, especially this semester. Classes and coursework are not being gentle with me so having this experience during this short break meant a lot to me and I’m glad to have been given this experience 🙂 Although I’m sure it’s going to be hectic, I hope I will have the strength to go through the final weeks of this semester.

Thanks for reading this far and hope you have a good day!

Wassalam ❤

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Getting Things Out of My Head


OMG I have missed doing this soooo much! First of all, hello, how are you doing? Thank you for still wanting to read my deserted blog haha. Lots have been happening ever since my last post (I feel like I’ve said this statement before.. anyways, *checks the date of the last post*), which is in May. 5 months… Yep, definitely a lot. I would have recapped how my summer was but it feels so long ago that I only remember a thing or two. Also, with the semester that has only been a month since it started, I have felt and went through a lot emotionally.

Just to remind you, and myself, I am taking a Chemical Engineering major in University of Minnesota Twin Cities. I’m in my Junior year now. Things are getting serious. And of course, since I like observing people, I’ve noticed students/classmates in my major that are taking it very seriously too. We had a career fair around two weeks into the semester, to those interested in looking for opportunities, like internships and jobs, and exploring companies that are looking for students in certain fields. I forced myself to go and although it gave me A LOT (and I’m not exaggerating) of pressure because it involved talking and showing yourself off to people, I learned a few things that I needed to improve on communication-wise and career-wise.

Another thing, I’ve just finished a few of my exams, with another one coming up in three days. What have I experienced so far? That I need to constantly motivate myself. There was a time, a couple of weeks ago, it got to a point where I was too tired to motivate myself and I ended up just bawling my eyes out because I was too tired. Emotionally tired. I don’t know why I’m writing this here but I just feel like letting it out. Nevertheless, I’m truly grateful to have some friends that are willing to support me, alhamdulillah.

Since that day (or ‘those days’ to be exact), I started realizing some things:

  1. That I shouldn’t be worrying about how good people are and how bad I am
  2. That people have their own pace and so do I
  3. That I should learn to take a break once in a while
  4. That there are some things that I should not worry about because I can’t do anything about, acknowledge them and accept things the way they are
  5. That instead of worrying too much, focus on what you’re actually doing
  6. That I should find things to be grateful of because *wink wink* “With every hardship comes ease”.

I just noticed that most of my problems come from worrying. Oh well.

I think this is all I have to talk about write now. Sometimes, it’s these things that I’m going through that make me occasionally burst to write. I hope it’s not too long.

Anyways, I hope you’re all having a good day. If you managed to learn/realize a thing or two from this post, that’s amazing 🙂

Wassalam ❤

p/s hippo campus released a new album two weeks ago. it’s veryyy different from what they’ve been doing but i got used to it haha. will see them live in november!! 😀

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As the sun sets in the west, ending yet another day, I’d like to say THANK YOU to everyone that has wished me so far. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart and may Allah repay each and everyone of you. Today’s the last day of the semester so I had to attend the last of classes for this semester, which is both exciting and not at the same time because it means that finals… are… approaching!! I cannot believe that I made it this far considering how I went through this roller coaster of approximately four months.

*pauses for more than 2 hours thinking of what to say*

Okay that’s it. I have writer’s block. I cannot think of anything interesting to talk about because today was suspiciously ordinary. I went to class as usual, studied for a few hours, went to Target to buy some groceries, went home and played a little bit of Just Dance. That’s literally it.

Partially disappointed with myself but I guess this is something that would happen eventually and apparently it’s for this post :/ I really wanted to make this post special in a way but sighhhh. What a mess. I wonder how people that are ‘real’ bloggers do this kind of stuff. Kudos to them huh?

I might as well leave it as is. I’m sorry for a terrible post but let’s hope the next posts (my ordinary ones and my ‘birthday’ ones in the future) would be better. Thank you all for reading this far and accepting it :’)

To make up for it, here’s some photos/quotes that I have saved into my phone for some reason..

Wassalam ❤

p/s there’s a new jason mraz song and it’s so wholesome!

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finally! (… i have the time)


I’ve missed this blog A LOT! Lots have been happening over the last what- FOUR months?! I guess adapting to uni life does take a lot of time even though I’ve been in the States for the past two years. I was considering on writing a blog post on my birthday, as I always do, but you know what, I feel like writing NOW. Before I start ranting (I just finished writing and it ended up longer that what I usually write so feel free to leave if you’re in a rush, but do come back later haha), here are some photos, which some of you may have seen, of the hopefully last snowstorm here in Minnesota last Saturday.

Even though I mentioned that ‘lots have been happening’, it’s more of me trying to emotionally understand what’s going around. Oh and also about me trying to cope academically. I’m taking a couple, well four to be exact, classes that are pretty heavy with materials to understand. Since last semester didn’t put me in so much pressure (except for that ONE class), I started this semester expecting the same (I was still aware of the classes that I was about to take but I didn’t expect the same workload).

*sighs* I was definitely wrong.

Okay so, I consider myself, as a student, who usually can understand what I learn in class and during lectures. Therefore, I wouldn’t put in a lot of effort in studying outside of class unless it was two to three days before an exam because I was assuming I understood the subject. I guess I have changed. Now, I feel sad and disappointed at myself for being like this but I can barely understand my lectures. Also, I forgot to mention, that I got a part-time job earlier this semester and I work a couple hours during the weekdays so that drains some energy out of me.

So for the past four months, I was basically trying to balance myself between the classes that I was taking. At one instance, I’d do well in an exam for this particular subject and at another, I’d have trouble doing well. It becomes worse when there’s two exams in one week plus a lab report that would be due on the same week. I can remember the days that I cried because I was too stressed out. I’m also still figuring out what ways are the best to study for me.

I just finished two midterms this week (with one more coming next Wednesday) and by far, this is the first time I felt confident doing both the exams (If I feel confident, it usually for one subject, not both). *cue inspirational music* I think a little over a week ago, I realized that I shouldn’t be leaving myself like this. My grades at that time were honestly not good (in my interpretation). Looking at my class schedule, I finish class at 3:20 pm and typically, I would go straight home because of my introversion. I sometimes ‘plan’ to study or whatnot when I get home, but it NEVER works. I’d end up wasting time and start studying/doing homework etc at night.

When I noticed those two exams were coming up, I decided to change my studying habits a bit. I did this by spending 2-3 hours after class at the library for studying. The old me would think that 2-3 hours isn’t a lot and you wouldn’t accomplish that much but that’s not true, old me. I definitely accomplished something. I would be able to finish one chapter of a subject, with thorough understanding (again, I still have parts that I don’t understand but it’s better than nothing).

I guess some of you may have realized this studying habit sooner than I did, but you and I have different paces. We’re all learning though. If you got something from this, then that’s cool. Anyways, I’d really like to keep up this habit for the upcoming exams and for future semester. So that’s a lesson learned for me 🙂

Before I go, I wanted to put up some pictures of when I went to a hippo campus concert two (two already??) months ago. I still look at these pictures and videos sometimes because I miss it so much haha. They’re pretty quiet after their tour ended and now I’m patiently waiting for their new music to come out….

That’s all my friendsss. Thank you for reading this far. I appreciate it very much!

Wassalam ❤

p/s recently found a musician + youtuber. i like his style of music. check him out 😀

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My First Musical (that i watched)!


I haven’t been updating because nothing interesting has been happening for the past couple of months except for what I’m going to write about (and also a trip which I may or may not talk about. we’ll see).

So, a month ago, while I was watching tv, I saw an advertisement about a musical at Ordway Theater in St. Paul. I’m usually not interested in musicals, especially since I have never been to one before, but this one seemed to catch my attention. Why? Because it’s from a classic movie that I LOVED watching as a kid. I even watched the movie again earlier this year. Oh wait. I haven’t even told you the title of the musical so you must be wondering (unless you’re the group of people who I know about this already haha). Tadaaa…

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing and text
We still have a VHS tape of this movie back at home. Oh, how the time flies.

I arrived at the venue around 6:30 pm, an hour early because it’s a new place and I don’t want to be late. The moment I stepped in, I felt a different vibe, in a good way. The lobby was so posh. (This is my first time stepping into a nice theater, dan and phil tour not included, so for the people who are used to theaters, i’m sorry you had to read this 😬. Also, I have never been exposed to theaters and live musicals when I was young so this is totally brand new for me). I also felt a teeny bit awkward because nearly everyone that came, came with their family or at least they had company. I came alone. I kind of wanted to ask my friends to come along but it’s a couple of weeks into the finals and I didn’t want to take up their time.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Anyway, when it started, I became so excited. The songs that they performed just made me have childhood flashbacks and made me so happy. Also, the fact that it was live just was so refreshing to me. I did sing along to the songs (inside my head of course) though not all. My top favorites were definitely “Hard Knock Life”, “I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here” and “Tomorrow”. They added some humor to the characters, especially to Mrs. Hannigan, that was pretty hilarious.

Since this is my first musical that I watched, it just amazes how well the performers act and sing (yeah i know, they should be good at that or else, it’s not going to be a good one). The energy, the confidence. It makes me wish I had that. And also I thought, it must feel good and relieving to just sing (or scream) your heart out without annoying anyone haha. Nevertheless, I genuinely enjoyed it from the start to the end and it was definitely nice to take a break from reality. (Seriously, my friend told me that the chem eng midterm results are already out exactly after I got home just now and I am NOT ready to face it).

So yeah, my 👏 first 👏 musical. Definitely a great experience 🙂 I don’t know if anyone near me lives near St. Paul, Minnesota but I absolutely recommend watching it whether or not you have watched the original movie! The link for tickets is here. Just to give some sense on the musical, here’s a scene from the movie:

Wassalam ❤

p/s I feel like it’s a must now to add in ‘p/s’es in my posts and also insert a music video that I have enjoyed lately. Here’s one:

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I’m finishing up my 6th week here since classes started and I had my first midterm last week. I’ve only gotten one of the results back but alhamdulillah, they were satisfactory even though it was pretty hectic during the exam.

Anyways, immediately after my exams, I joined a trip that my senior invited to Duluth, Minnesota. Just for the weekend. To recall, we left on Friday night and came back Sunday afternoon. It wasn’t long but I had so much fun, seriously. It’s not usual of me to join trips with new people but I had the instinct to go and I did. I thought it was going to be awkward (considering that I’m one of ‘those’ people), but the conversations that we had during the trip was simply casual and didn’t make me feel uncomfortable at all.

We stayed at a Malaysian family’s house during the trip and omg, they reminded me so much of my parents and home!! They were so friendly too! On Saturday night, Uncle Nik and Aunty Nani invited us to join a potluck at their Islamic Center and we had our dinner there. Honestly, for the past two years of me living in the US, I have never been to muslim gatherings because it took two buses to go there, which is sad. But yeah, it was fun and I talked to a couple of locals there.

If you want to look at photos, please do click on this link. It’ll take you to my Google Photos album —> this link
Also, if you’re in the mood for being sentimental, play this song 😂:

Switching gears, I was having a snack this evening and my mind kind of wandered to a place where I thought about everything that has been going on for the past month. And I came to a conclusion that I will never want to take things for granted. Ever since the beginning of my study in the US, I have always been confronted with the fact that there is something (this ‘something’ is my secret haha) that I can never get, no matter how much I want it. And yeah, even until now, it’s still in my head.

I have my reasons for doing so and somehow, these reasons kind of make up on how I go through life here? Ugh, it’s so hard to explain without giving away the details but I hope you get the point. Even though I’m not on the road of getting what I want, these reasons smoothen my journey, although there are the ups and downs. Is that clearer? idk.

Anyway, I’m going to stop here. Toodles!

Wassalam ❤

p/s *fangirl mode* i snagged a ticket to a hippo campus concert in st. paul on feb 17 next year! was a bit disappointed that i couldn’t get the vip tickets but that’s okay. i’m still hyped though! if you happen to go too, let me know on tumblr!

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Minnesota State Fair


Feeling a lot better now, mainly because classes have started for a couple of days now and I’m aware of how they’ll be. So since I’ve nothing to do tonight, I thought why not put up the photos that I took at the State Fair last Saturday? It’s kind of a big thing here and I’ve been encouraged to go there a couple of days before that (even an uber driver talked about it). It was my first time there and there were SO many people! (feel free to go over the pictures, or click them, to see my captions haha)

I’m a total newbie so I don’t quite know what the state fair is for? (Is it held every month? year? well, yeah I gotta make some research about that). But just a little input that I can give is that there were so many different things there. Like… cattle/goats/sheeps/horses barns, displays of large vehicles, varieties of food (of course~), some fair rides and there was an international bazaar. It’s pretty big, physically, to be honest.

(found this on twitter) so close yet so far though 💆

Anyways, it was tiring, hot but a nice experience. After going to the state fair, I also found out that hippo campus was performing the last two days (!!!). I was hyped but I couldn’t go.

So yeah, that was fun. I had fun. Did you have fun (reading my post)? I hope you did hehe.

Okay, see you soon!

Wassalam ❤

p/s brief shoutout to my mum for her **th birthday! Thanks for being there for me (even when I fangirl) and I hope you’ll always be blessed by Allah 💖💖💖 Love you xx